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American Red Cross

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The mission of the American Red Cross is to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors
Provides 2 blankets, and a meal, snack and comfort kit - Blankets, ready for distribution after a disaster, are typically given to people in pairs for padding their cot in shelters and covering themselves while sleeping. The meals and snacks are provided by Red Cross workers and distributed at shelters or through mobile feeding in communities by Red Cross emergency response vehicles. Comfort kits contain the basic personal supplies someone would need in the aftermath of a disaster. Kits contain deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial tissues, wash cloth, shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, comb, razor and shaving cream.
Cover the cost to provide a parent with diapers, wipes and formula for an infant in a shelter.
Cover the cost of Red Cross clean-up kits for 5 families – These kits, stored and ready for distribution in multiple locations nationwide, contain items needed to begin recovery immediately after a disaster. Each kit comes with a sectional handle with mop, broom, squeegee and push broom heads, pail, scrub brush, sponge, disinfectant, detergent/degreaser, bleach, trash bags, gloves and dust mask.
Provide financial assistance for a family impacted by a local disaster, like a home fire - This assistance helps a family purchase items immediately after a disaster, such as food, lodging, clothing and other critical needs.
Provide food and shelter for a family of 4 for 5 days -This service includes providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, the costs to mobilize and distribute a cot, two blankets and a comfort kit as well as the costs of Red Cross workers to provide this support.

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