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Animals are extremely vulnerable to the acts of humans and are easily exploited and abused. The overwhelming majority of animals who fall victim to humans are used for food, research, entertainment, fashion, and pet breeding operations. We at Animal Advocates of South Central PA are here to speak up for all living beings and ask you to join us. We all have the power to help dramatically reduce animal suffering simply by living in alignment with the values of kindness, compassion, and nonviolence.

This philosophy can be summed up in one word: vegan.

Living a vegan lifestyle may seem daunting and drastic, but that is why we are here to help! We have a mentoring program for anyone who needs guidance, are currently offering our first of many Vegan Challenges in May, and distributing our Vegan Guide for South Central PA online and in printed form.

The impact one person can make my going vegan is HUGE. One year of being vegan can saveā€¦

Over 350 individual animals

400,000 gallons of water

10,900 sq. ft. of rainforest

14,600 lbs of grain

7,300 lbs of CO2

Our organization is 100% volunteer driven. Every single dollar donated to us goes to making serious change, not just for animals, but for the planet and human health!

With your help, we can Be Their Voice!

Purchase 250 Recipe Guides with helpful hints and ideas for eating plant-based
Pay for spaying/neutering, deworming, vaccinating, and flea treatment for a feral cat through our TNR program, the Jackson Street Cat Project
Pay for a booth space, food samples, and insurance at a local community event
Pay for 500 free vegan lunches (sandwich, fruit and energy bar) given to people in need
Fund our Vegan Challenge program, which guides 25 people per class through a month-long immersive program to help them eat healthier and live more consciously
Purchase 2,000 copies (printed at a locally owned and operated printing company) of our Vegan Guide for South Central PA, which we hand out to those interested in a more compassionate and healthful lifestyle

547 West Springettsbury Ave
York, PA 17403