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Hard Bargains 1777

York County Bar Foundation
Hard Bargains 1777 – a dynamic mix of art and history – is a permanent outdoor public art installation that uses contemporary sculpture to interpret historical events unique to York. With local and national importance, the work will further York’s brand as a significant cultural and historical destination. It commemorates the work of the Second Continental Congress in York, PA, in the fall of 1777. It was in York, and only in York, that the Articles of Confederation were adopted, thus bringing 13 combative colonies into agreements essential to win support for the Revolutionary War. Hard Bargains will be a stunning centerpiece of the creekside Codorus Corridor area and of the York County History Center campus. As now conceived, the Hard Bargains installation will consist of 13 stainless steel columns engaging viewers in a dynamic optical field of mirrors, colored glass, light, text panels and graphics, on a base 20 feet in diameter. The columns, one for each state, will incorporate historical information, portraits of key players, and quotations that highlight pivotal issues.

137 E. Market Street
York, PA 17401